Joe Bonamassa Concerts

Just heard that one of my favourite blues guitarists, Joe Bonamassa is going to be doing a national tour this year. For info about tickets click here

Should be good and must get my tickets sorted out sooner rather than later. I tend to leave things to the last minute, but these tickets are not to be missed. Will no doubt play quite a lot from his new album “Different Shades of Blue” as well as a lot of stuff from his back catalogue. Really looking forward to it.

For more info about Joe Bonamassa tickets in the North West, go to


Play like Jimmy Page

Probably one of the most famous rock songs ever – try here. It was probably one of the fist rock songs that I learned to play on guitar when I was a teenager. there was a movie I remember seeing- I think it was the Blues Brothers and in the store there is a sign saying ‘No Stairway To Heaven’. Wonder how many times music shop owners have had to listen to a kid trying to play it in their store.

If you would like to learn to play the song, there are online lessons over here

Another of my favourite Led Zepplin tracks is Kashmir which you can find here

Also you might want to try this page for more Led Zeppelin guitar lessons.

Jimmy Page was such a great rock guitar player, but what he perhaps isn’t recognised as much is that he was also a great blues player, and so many of the riffs that he came up with had their roots in the blues.